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DealHub Virtual Data Room (Start-Ups)

Supported by BestCoffer,  operated and managed by Shanghai Rongying Financial Information Services Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Lianwei Lige. Dealhub is committed to helping small and medium-sized enterprises achieve more convenient financing, providing free and fast access to large and medium-sized investment institutions, and ensuring the safe circulation of confidential documents during the investment and financing process.

Why Start-Ups Choose DealHub

A professional virtual dataroom, protecting your confidential information at all stage


No intermediary fees,  free VDR storage, easy to upload, download and share


Share project files via Wechat mini program


Investors & Financiers fast handshake mechanisms


Full process encryption and circulation of data


All servers within the country, data storage compliance, and compliance with network security laws


Document Management

Quickly upload project files in batches through a browser or WeChat mini program to manage all files during the financing process

Investor Invitation

Quickly generate file links in WeChat mini programs and send them to designated investors via email

Access Mechanism

Open access channels for specific files, allowing investors to apply for access and obtain authorization to access them

Document Records

Check file forwarding records, file access records, file access personnel, and access times at any time

Watermark & Encryption

All files in DealHub are encrypted with watermarks for preview, and are encrypted from upload, circulation, and download to ensure file security.

File Access Permission

Set the file forwarding cycle, access cycle, and access personnel through WeChat mini program, and control the access permissions of the file throughout the entire process

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