Your First Choice of Data Room with Regional Advantages

To safeguard your files with cutting-edge technology, full lifecycle encryption, regional compliance and local support.

Redefine the Way of Sensitive Files Storing and Sharing

Four Reasons You should choose bestCoffer VDR

Full Lifecycle Data Protection

Data is protected with industry-leading encryption and security strategies throughout their full-lifecycle 

  • Data encryption happens in both application and physical layers
  • Encrypted files controlled wherever online or offline, PC or mobile
  • Advanced architecture and timely backup strategy to ensure the high availability and integrity
  • Data can be stored in a privacy data room with limited use and exposure
Data Storage with Regional Legal Compliance

We assist organizations adhere to legal and compliance by providing a regional deployed data room for storing and sharing confidential files.

As we all know, global cross-border data management is becoming increasingly strict, with the following trends:

  • More governance policies with stricter regulations, rules, and penalties
  • Increasing disputes over data sovereignty
  • Rising trend of data localization, driven by national sovereignty, data security, and privacy concerns 
bestCoffer VDR is ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certified and all data including users information are regionally deployed for compliance.

Easy and Fast

  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface which allows you to adapt to use in 2 minutes
  • Multi-device supports allows you to work anywhere and anytime with PC or mobile
  • Quick saving and locating the files as you want
  • Facilitate redaction and watermark work with all handy tools
  • Detect potential business alliances or threats with different reports
  • No plug-ins needed for new features
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Professional Service Team with Local Supports
  • 18 languages available inside data room
  • 7*24 multilingual supports
  • 1 on 1 account manager
  • Rapid response mechanism to address customer issues
  • Assisting with tedious files structuring and categorizing for initial upload to virtual data room
  • Customizing invitation letters, user agreements, personalized disclaimers and email templates

Resolve Security Concerns in Different Business Scenarios

Bankruptcy and Restructuring

Well-organize your sensitive files in secure data room to protect and streamline the process of restructuring, financing or liquidating.

Intellectual Property and Licensing

A secure, auditable and centralized data room enables strict policies and strong control over all the confidential information.

Initial Public Offerings

High-assurance stability and availability facilitates efficient collaboration and easy alignment with a regulatory filing process.

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