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Virtual data room (VDR), is a high-assurance online platform designed for storing and sharing confidential and sensitive information.

Virtual data rooms are widely used in the situations where securely sharing and collaboration are essential. For examples, mergers and acquisitions, IPO, investor relationships, financing secure depository and protection of intellectual properties. And there are a number of industries where VDR applied in: PE & VC, financial services, high tech, life sciences and real estate etc.


Compliance Adherence: Data rooms help organizations adhere to legal and compliance by providing a secure and certain place for storing and sharing sensitive information as required. This is particularly important in the situations that significant amounts of sensitive data involved and exchanged.

Access Security and Encryption: The file encryption are applied all the way long, so that files are strictly controlled over the access rights and avoid tampering.

Efficient Collaboration: Easily manage permissions on huge amount of files with lots of parties and streamline the sharing and communication process.

Audit Trails and Analysis: With all actions in data room are audited, user and file level activities are clear to you, to help gauge engagement ,track user behavior and get underlying information.

bestCoffer provides comprehensive and solid approaches to secure files. The most significant ones are: Full life-cycle encryption is designed to ensure the confidentiality and integrity all along the way. 

Zero Trust Strategy is applying to both underneath implementation methods and product features, including multi-factor authentication, audit trails, traffic filtering, minimized permission, data classification, white list mechanism etc. High-level standard of infrastructure along with redundant architecture and continuous data backup are here to ensure the uptime over 99.9%. 

We also continuously fortify and improve our platform for better user better experience and to against more risks and new types of threats.

A private data room is designed to only allow the members of the data room to see the real name of the data room, that means even the administrator of the company or the platform admin can only see the code of it, let alone the files in it. This feature helps if the permissions must be separate between business roles and IT admin roles, or the data room name itself is leaking the confidential information.


The Q&A content usually contains confidential information as the files do, and it’s not necessary for users to repeat the process of permission settings aside of the files. So it is designed to embedded into our built-in online comments and reply within the files.

This facilitates the collaboration by getting the communication around the context and keep the same protection level and settings as files, without losing information or compromising any security that applied to the files. 

System logo can be tailored with your own company logo and URL can be customized to have your company name in it. Design your own personalized term of use, notification and email templates. ​

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