Protect files through bestCoffer VDR

A dedicated technology-set, provides full lifecycle protection for files, end-to-end encryption, and reduce the leakage risk of confidential information.

Security of Full Life-cycle

Security is the core of what we do, files are encrypted throughout the whole life cycle, from being uploaded, transferred, stored, to being read, viewed and downloaded. Data are protected against all sorts of security issues such as network attack, virus, tampering, disaster and other potential threat and breach. We aim to safeguard your files, keep them integral and available all along the way.
Over 8 Millions of Files Protected


Physical protection (Cybersecurity classified protection )

Real-time Backup Strategy

Availibility up to 99.95%

Disaster Recovery

Data Encryption

Enterprise-level encryption algorithm (including key and salt application)

Versatile encryption methods (folded encryption and on keys etc.)

Multi-level encrypted, during the data transmission and at rest

It’s done in both OS and application level

Access Security

Zero trust strategy

MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication), audit trails, traffic filtering, classifying label, risk assessment, device compliance, minimized permission etc.

Threat protection

Continuous assessment, response automation, anti-virus application, against hostile attacks, forensics etc.

File and Application Security

Permission granularity

Permission granularity
(various of permission defined to authorize uses/teams including expiration, online/offline operations and other restrictions.

Secured online viewing

Data is chopped and encrypted while viewing online documents. The keys and binaries are generated in random and wiped once finished.

Operation logging and reporting

Watermark application

File comments protection

Security features not only for the file content but also the comments around it

OCR and redaction

Intelligent for different languages

MS office offline protection

Microsoft Information Protection

Leading VDR with Secure Regional Deployment​

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It is critical to cater for regional compliance and regulatory requirements, especially under such a complex and fast-changing world.

For Regional Compliance

Regional deployment fulfills diverse regional compliance and regulatory requirements

Ensure the Stability and Keep High Speed

Experience high-speed data transmission with our regional deployment

High Level of Availability

Robust & resilient architecture and infrastructure behind to ensure 99.95% uptime of application

Ease of Use

"Besides the security, we’re also striving for ease of use."
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bestCoffer Team

Intuitive and User-Friendly

The interface and workflow are well-designed to make the user experience better and work more efficiently in different scenarios, languages and devices.

You are able to:

Create a data room
in 30 seconds

All fields and settings of data room are self-explained, each data room ensures isolation for both files and users/teams. It’s easy to follow the recommended security practice.

Set permission
in batch swiftly

To simplify the complexity and keep the flexibility, we offer 6 pre-defined roles, 5 access levels of files, and user permissions can be set in batch with his team.

Generate Audit reports
with one click

System records every action in the data room, and authorized user can precisely track users behavior, see files detailed access history and get other analysis information by just choosing the right report with preferred parameters, one click and then the results come through.

Easy and Fast

Big file upload & download in high-speed

Continuous transmission in case of breaking

Promptly find the file with keywords in all languages

Online comments & reply within the files

Mobile APP and Email Support

Quickly authorize users to view the files with links (Quick-Share)

Go check and view files at any time, any where.

Handily forward email attachment to a specified secure mailbox for upload (Email-Pass)

What You Will Get​

  • Full lifecycle data encryption and file protection
  • Easy collaboration within team and with partners
  • Efficient work with the tools
  • Security risk reduction & control
  • Strong Local Support

Why Suitable For Your Case

The competition of industries is all-encompassing, your business confidential information security is a key to your success. We’re dedicated to creating a secure environment and to streamlining the collabration.

Our Services

Placing our customers at the forefront, we are committed to providing exceptional services at every stage of the journey.

Redaction Services

We provide Identification and redaction of sensitive keywords or terms in documents or images to ensure the security of sensitive information.

Document Services

We are able to assist you in structuring and categorizing important files with respect to your specific business needs.

Transaction Support

We can help with repetitive processes and paperwork during transactions to save your time.

Valuing each client, we are dedicated to providing exceptional services.
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bestCoffer Team

Local Services

Rapid response mechanism for addressing customer questions
(7*24 or 5*8 at your choice)

Four-tiered customer service process

Our team provides multilingual support to better understand your situation

Training Services

We deliver detailed training services when you encounter technical problems. We will also arrange training lessons when we have new features released.

Dedicated Client Manager

Our dedicated client manager will assist you in resolving any issues or challenges you may encounter. We are committed to make sure that you receive support specifically to your unique requirements.

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We can tailor your data room with corporate logo and dedicated domain. Design your own personalized disclaimers, confidentiality agreements, and email templates.
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