Your First Choice of Data Room with Regional Advantages

To safeguard your files with cutting-edge technology, full lifecycle encryption, regional compliance and local support.

Redefine the Way of Sensitive File Storing and Sharing

With bestCoffer VDR

Full Lifecycle Data Encryption

Files are protected with multi-level encryption and security methods throughout their full lifecycle. ​

Data Storage with Regional Compliance

Data rooms help organizations adhere to legal and compliance by providing a secure and place for storing and sharing sensitive files.

Easy and Fast

The interface is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly for both PC and mobile, along with multilingual and high-speed access, make it quite easy and efficient to use.

Local Support

Rapid response mechanism for addressing customer issues. Multilingual support 7*24 or 5*8 at your choice.

Resolve Security Concerns in Different Business Scenarios

Covering scenarios from Merger and Acquisition, pre-IPO to life sciences, etc.

Professional Employees
Years of Experience
in Digitalization

Endorsed by over 200 Top Enterprises Worldwide. Since 2000.

For more than two decades, Lianwei has been deeply rooted in the field of digitalization.

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