Secure, regional data storage with AI-powered collaboration

Features in bestCoffer Data Room

Automated VDR File Indexing

Secure, regional data storage with AI-powered collaboration

Find what you need - fast

bestCoffer’s VDR features automatic file indexing, saving you time and frustration. 

  • Effortless Setup: No need for manual tagging, bestCoffer automatically indexes your files for quick retrieval.
  • Powerful Search: Locate specific documents by keywords, file names, or other indexed data.
  • Streamlined Workflow: Spend less time searching and more time getting deals done.
  • Bulk Uploads: Save time by uploading multiple files at once.
  • Automatic File Update Notifications: Stay informed when documents are changed.
  • Full-Text Search: Search within the content of your PDFs for even more precise results.
  • Secure Sharing: Share files easily with link-based access and permission controls.

Why using File Index

Use data room smart tools to make deals easier

Faster Information Retrieval

Users can quickly locate specific documents by searching for keywords, file names, or other indexed data. This saves time and frustration, compared to manually browsing through folders.

Improved Organization

Indexing helps maintain a well-organized data room structure, making it easier for everyone involved in the project to navigate and find relevant information.

Enhanced Due Diligence

During the due diligence process, where a large volume of documents need to be reviewed, efficient indexing allows for a more streamlined and efficient workflow.

Improved Security

bestCoffer allows permission settings based on indexed data. This means users can only access documents that fall under their designated categories, improving data security.

Stay Updated

Automatic File Update Notifications ensure you stay informed when documents are changed. You can also use audit logs to track changes over time.

Create a Great First Impression

A well-organized and compliant virtual data room creates a great first impression with investors, financiers, partners and other important stakeholders.

Why Choose bestCoffer

  • Fast and Resumable Uploads: Get started quickly with fast file uploads and the ability to resume interrupted transfers.
  • Quick Share with Link: Share files instantly with secure links, eliminating the need for lengthy email attachments.
  • Multi-data room Management: Manage multiple VDRs from a single platform, saving time and simplifying complex projects.
  • Mobile Accessibility: Access and manage your VDR on the go with a mobile-friendly interface.
  • Preferred Language Setting: Work comfortably in your preferred language for a seamless user experience.
  • Dynamic Dashboard: Gain real-time insights into VDR activity with customizable dashboards.
Effortless Setup and Use

No technical expertise needed! bestCoffer’s intuitive interface allows you to get started quickly and navigate the platform with ease. 

Seamless Collaboration

Share files securely with internal and external stakeholders using link-based access. Built-in annotation tools facilitate smooth communication and feedback. 

Increased Efficiency

Fast uploads, mobile accessibility, and bulk file management features streamline your workflow and save you valuable time. 

Let's get organized.

Secure, seamless, searchable file management.

Get in touch with bestCoffer to find out how we can support your business today. 

We Follow Best Practices

Virtual Data Room File Indexing Made Easy with bestCoffer

File indexing is the process of creating a detailed catalog of all the documents stored in a VDR. It goes beyond simply listing file names. Indexing tools extract key information like document titles, keywords, dates, authors, and even content within the document itself (using Optical Character Recognition – OCR) to create a searchable database.

For due diligence processes, where mountains of documents need to be reviewed, efficient file indexing is crucial. Reviewers can quickly find the information they need, focus on critical details, and complete the process faster.

A well-organized and searchable VDR fosters transparency. Users can easily locate specific documents, understand the document hierarchy, and track any changes made. This promotes accountability and reduces the risk of confusion or missing information.

Efficient file indexing allows multiple users to work simultaneously within the VDR. They can quickly find the documents they need, collaborate on specific sections, and avoid duplicating efforts.

File indexing saves time, increases efficiency, fosters collaboration, and ultimately, helps deals close faster. By understanding the importance of file indexing and implementing best practices, you can transform your VDR from a chaotic document repository into a well-organized and user-friendly platform that empowers efficient and secure collaboration.


File indexing creates a searchable database of all your documents, extracting key information like titles, keywords, and even content (using OCR) for easy retrieval.

Indexing saves time by helping users locate specific files quickly and easily, avoiding endless scrolling and frustration.

Thanks to indexing, you can find documents based on keywords, dates, or project names instead of wasting time browsing folders, and navigate the VDR with ease thanks to a clear and logical hierarchy created by indexing.

Use consistent and descriptive file names for all uploaded documents and create logical folder structures that reflect the project or document categories. You should also add details like document type, author, or keywords to further enhance searchability.

bestCoffer offers automatic indexing based on file names and content. Yet utilizing metadata and a well-organized structure is recommended.

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